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  • Brave web-browser

    Brave Web-Browser- Get To Know All About This Open Source Browser

    Brave web browser co-founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has raised $4.5 million in seed funding for the continued development of its open-source browser that blocks online ads and other trackers. It is not like other browsers like different web browsers where no ad-blocking takes place. Brave’s browser has this technology built in, claiming […] More

  • google tricks- featured

    Google tricks- Checkout These Coolest, Funny And Amazing Google Tricks

    Google Tricks Nowadays, everyone prefers shortcuts. Even when they search any query on Google, they always look for Google flair to make their search quick. You know there are 2.3 million searches per second on Google which definitely shows the importance of Google in our daily life. What if you get some hidden Google tricks […] More

  • Cebu Philippines- featured

    Cebu Philippines- Things To Do In Cebu While A Trip To Philippines

    Cebu Philippines is the most populated island and it has very strategic and economic importance in the country. Cebu Philippines is one of the most prosperous regions in the country. According to the estimation, Cebu draws almost two million foreign travelers a year. Its main attractions are its white-sand beaches and spectacular diving, northern tip […] More

  • fastest ways to lose weight

    Fastest Ways To Lose Weight- Shape your body with quick tips

    Fastest ways to lose weight will let you be in shape in less time and easy ways with best tips for you. Most of these ways can also make you hungry but if you have the willpower to tolerate your hunger then you can lose weight easily. If you are tired of carrying extra fats […] More

  • ideas to burn calories- featured

    8 Incredible Ideas To Burn Calories- Get Into The Shape

    Some awesome ideas to burn calories Everyone wants to look slim and smart. In order to be in shape, people adopt various ways to burn their extra calories. Many people look forward to those tips by which they can lose more weight in less time. Some of the most beneficial ideas to burn calories are discussed […] More

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